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THE OUTLANDER KITCHEN [One More Thing Before We Go] [XXOO]

Big thanks to Friend of FaN, Evi, for introducing us to OUTLANDER KITCHEN, which features recipes inspired by the wildly popular Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. We loved this quote from the site:

“The food was either terribly bad or terribly good,” Claire had said, describing her adventures in the past. “That’s because there’s no way of keeping things; anything you eat has either been salted or preserved in lard, if it isn’t half rancid – or else it’s fresh off the hoof or out of the garden, in which case it can be bloody marvelous.”
(Diana Gabaldon, DOA)

So in honor of this terrific new(-to-us) site find, we’re a) going to try just about every recipe we find here, and b) feature Claire Randall, the time-traveling nurse, as our Lady Nerd of the day. The mood image is taken from the graphic novel, artwork by Hoang Nguyen.

Click on any of the pics below to be taken to the Outlander Kitchen recipes.

Fennel, Mint, and Lemon Lamb Sausage with Whisky Cream Sauce from VOYAGER

Claire's Nettle-Kissed Buns from DRAGONFLY IN AMBER

Highland Coffees from THE FIERY CROSS