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The Scientific Secret of Muscle Growth [Procrastinate on This!]

I’m in week 5 of a weight training regimen, and it’s been amazing seeing my old body come back faster than with any other work out I’ve ever tried–as opposed to the She-Hulk body many women are afraid of when they repute lifting heavier weights.

Basically, I’m learning that your body is your genetically-assigned body, no matter what workout you use. If I continue to work out and reach my peak, I’m always going to look like a short athlete–as opposed to a long and lean ballerina or a Xena: Warrior Princess, which is A-OK by me, but not necessarily what women’s exercise magazine are advertising when it comes to working out.

And this isn’t just me substituting anecdotal evidence for fact. Here’s a scientific explanation from ASAPScience as to why no matter how much I weight-train, I’ll probably never go beyond my peak derby body.