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The Twelve Game Shows Of Christmas, Part 1 [Kicking Back With Jersey Joe]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and your favorite TV shows are ready to roll out their holiday episodes. I love game shows and love seeing how they too, dress up their sets to get into the spirit. Check out this first batch of blasts from Christmas past and how these shows raided K-Mart to decorate their sets!

Thanks to YouTube, our first stop in the flashback machine is to Christmas 1983.  Bob Barker still had his brown dyed hair and coaxed the audience to let out a few ho, ho, ho’s!  Maybe they were hoping to reach into his pocket for the $100 after getting a perfect bid!

I love how the first item up for bids was a fake tree! Too bad it wasn’t from Service Merchandise!

Let’s jump forward for a bit to 2003, where That 70’s Show’s Debra Jo Rupp is about to make a run at a special Christmas Pyramid… let’s see if she can make it…

Donnie Osmond was a good host for the show, but he’ll never replace the legendary Dick Clark! (Whose photo hangs at my desk at work!)

From 1979: Can your favorite celebrities Beat the Clock to win all the prizes? Not if Monty Hall’s suit is too much of a distraction!

I don’t know how that suit wouldn’t screw with the vertical hold on your set.  That was also the most creative use of stockings I’ve ever seen! The second round would make a good party game for kids, though.

Speaking of kids, every kid wanted to take a run through the Fun House. This was the bonus round from the Christmas 1988 episode. Get ready to see all the 80’s prizes they could win…

Oh, boy kids… let’s go for that grand prize trip to Boulder, Colorado. Thanks to a tiny budget, that’s all this syndicated show could afford, but the set was kind of cool.

In the 80’s, everyone loved to scream “higher, higher!” and “lower, lower!” at their TV’s while playing along with the hit CBS game Card Sharks.  I just hope that the contestants weren’t allergic to tinsel for this special Christmas episode! It’s not the set but the first question steals the show… That’s a man, baby – YEAH!

My question – why were the contestants always running in? I wonder if anyone ever took a face plant into the podium?

Look – Santa’s hosting Family Feud! Not really, it was just Ray Combs. The production staff clearly bought up all the decorations on sale at the Hollywood Blvd. K-Mart.

So, there you have it, our first six of the twelve games of Christmas. Some really unusual stuff there! Hopefully, some of the games currently on the air will step the holiday spirit like these shows did.

THE 411

What: special Christmas themed game shows

Aired: These specific episodes aired in 1983, 1986, and 2003


I’ve always wanted to do this blogumn and I’m still not done!  Check back next week for the second set of six and relax with a few more crazy shows including, a woman who wins a dinner party for $60 and a Pittsburgh Steeler turned game show host! Ho! Ho! Ho!

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