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The Twins Were on SWITCHED AT BIRTH! [Procrastinate on This!]

But check out this ridiculousness: They were cast in this role, but I had no idea what was going on during the shoot because I’d never seen the show. So my MIL and I watched the first episode of the first season and then the second, and then we were hooked and have been marathoning it at junkie levels ever since–even though it took until the very last episode of the first season before we were able to understand what was going on with the twins’ character in the second. But we’re still about six stolen 45 minutes away from the twins’ episode, so please, no spoilers–yes, seriously, we’re not going to watch their episode until we’re all caught up with this insanely addictive drama.

Really, the big news, though, is that I managed not to fangirl squee all over Lea Thompson, who plays one of the moms on the show and directed this episode. I mean, BACK TO THE FUTURE, ya’ll–but I played it cool, “Hi, nice to meet you.” On the outside. On the inside it was all like, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Lea Thompson! Lea Thompson! Lea Thompson!”