The Way of the Modern Woman (or Man) [Frankie Says…] Oct20

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The Way of the Modern Woman (or Man) [Frankie Says…]

Frankie says…

Always have at least two to three jobs.

The difference between Carrie Bradshaw and myself is pretty slim: she has an insanely expensive shoe collection of Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choo’s and the cutest rent-controlled apartment in all of Manhattan. Otherwise, we’re both with cigarette in hand and typing on our Macs about relatively unimportant topics like cute guy in the coffee shop we frequent, or last night’s horrible date, or a disagreement with a friend.

Where I take issue with Ms. Bradshaw is in the very difference of our so-called economic status. (Yes, yes I know she is a fictional character, but for arguments’ sake and because she was a very real part of my life for 10 years, let’s just pretend we’re in the same universe, shall we?)

I live in a crappy single on the Westside and drive a crappy little car. I can afford new shoes from the DSW clearance section about twice a year. And I have to drink well-vodka sodas, not pretty pink $15 cosmos.

However, my situation has recently changed. In addition to my income as a freelancer (low, I assure you, and unpredictable), and my side job as a nanny (8 hours a week at $15/hr), I’ve gotten two more jobs! The first is about 5-10 hours a week reorganizing an artist friend’s studio at $15/hr and the second is another part-time nanny gig for 15 hours a week at $17/hr. I’m up about $1400 each month. This is hugely significant in my life. This means I can actually entertain the idea of moving into a bigger place and I can finally pay off my credit cards. I was even naughty and saw a pair of pants I liked at the Steven Alan Outpost store today and purchased them – NOT on my credit card!

So I now have four jobs. I’m certainly accustomed to working hard – starting when I was 10 with babysitting gigs for my teacher’s kids and haven’t stopped. But I really never thought I’d be almost 28 and without a steady income of at least $100K a year. Unrealistic? Perhaps…

Carrie Bradshaw has that though – at least by the looks of her closet – but she only has to write one article per week. Otherwise, she’s out for drinks at the hippest bar, taking in the beauty of the city and lunching with her girlfriends.

It is the economic fate of my generation, or anyone between the ages of 18 and 35 really, to be entrepreneurs – in the true meaning of the word.

en-tre-pre-neur : A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on financial risk to do so.

At least half the people my age I know are entrepreneurs – making ends meet by using their specific set of skills to make money. And they’re taking risks to do so. Maybe not by choice, maybe they’d rather be in an office with a paycheck every two weeks, but they’re taking risks nonetheless. Lack of health care, savings, social security or retirement benefits – all risks. But these “generation entrepreneur’s” are hustling every day to get by. Some design websites and wait tables, some work on TV shows and scoop ice cream, so promote nightclubs and do small commercial gigs, some babysit, some cut hair, some remix sound, some work in retail.

But all, I assure you, do at least two or three of them. It is the way of the modern woman (or man). Without the security, or perceived security, of our parents or grandparents, we’re forced to modernize our entrepreneurial spirit and go out there and hustle.

I’m a lucky one though… I like to hustle. Just as long as I get my $100K some day. Here’s to hustling and hoping.

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