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The Weekly Habit: The Big Follow Through

I decided on Saturday that I no longer wanted to be a morning person for a few reasons, the two biggest being that it 1) cut into my time with CH, who usually gets off of work around 9pm — you know, a half an hour or so before I go to bed and 2) caused my mornings to be jam-packed. I feel that I now “do more before 9am, than most bloggers do all day, blah-blah-blah”

Anyway, being a morning person was not nearly as fun or sexy as I thought it would be, so on Saturday, I took a 2-hour nap, and was able to stay up all the way to 11pm and delay getting up on Sunday until 7am. Nice, right? … Until I feel asleep a little after 9pm last night. As it turns out, between baby fatigue and the new time clock that I’ve set for myself, I may not have as much choice about being a morning person as I thought I did.

So consider this habit (reluctantly) kept.

This week’s habit will be a lot harder to keep, though — at least for me. One of the things I have a ton of trouble with is follow through. For example, writing this post might take ten times as long as it should, because I keep on checking my email, or I migh not even finish it b/c I grow bored with it halfway through, or maybe someone calls while I’m working.

And this has especially become a problem this week, as I’m trudging through the copy edits of my novel. This is basically the last step in the process before I send it off, but my follow through has been atrocious. Between trips to Europe, cooking experiments and other distractions, what should have taken 7 days has now stretched out into a month, with only 4 days worth of copy edits processed. Like many artists, I often self-destruct when it comes to the follow-through.

But that all ends this week. This week not only will I sit in a quiet room and get through the 3 remaining days of my copy edits, but I also plan to follow through on sending the dang thing out. Furthermore, I’m determined to try doing one thing at a time this week. Multi-tasking is fun for people with short attention-spans like me, but it’s often not as efficient as we’d like it to be.

So if you want to join me on the follow-through this week, just stay conscious. Whether it’s sending an email or making a phone call, only do one thing at a time, and follow through on every task that you assign yourself.

We’ll see how it all goes and talk about it next week. Til then, good luck!


Photo Credit: Graham Binn