This Labor Day Weekend Why Not Procrastinate on This?

Happy Labor Day Weekend, all! In celebration, we will be … well, not working. So until next Tuesday, here’s a bunch of stuff to procrastinate on while you’re also hopefully not working.

These vintage photos of guys holding hands reminds me of when I was in China. Many of the men walked holding hands or with their arms slung across each other's shoulders. It was really sweet and made me realize how much rampant homophobia has impeded upon male friendships here. Click on the pic to see more vintage pics of BFFs posing together.

1. This advice for fixing your novel seems like it would really work, especially for a genre novel. Unfortunately the title of the piece is accurate to the advice given. “One Simple and Incredibly Painful Way to Fix Your Novel Draft.” [i09]

2. Speaking of advice, if you have as many problems with clothes clutter as I do, you’ll definitely want to click through to get some good tips on keeping your floors clothes-free. [xoJane]

3. And the advice keeps coming. Here’s a remedy for writer’s block/procrastination. [Tayari Jones]

4. I had no idea that my 80s era, fierce nerd crush on Levar Burton still raged on until I saw this interview with him re Reading Rainbow. I’m still in love. (Don’t tell my husband.) [GalleyCat]

5. If anyone else loved THE PARTICULAR SADNESS OF LEMON CAKE by Aimee Bender as much as I did, you will understand why I adore the first photos in this series of quirky self-portraits. Everyone else don’t click through unless you want the book majorly and rather surreally spoiled. [LikeCool] 

6.If you like cringing your way through a movie, as much as I do, then you’ll definitely want to check out the red band (so maybe NSFW) trailer for  THE TO DO LIST (original title: THE HANDJOB), starring Aubrey Plaza, Donald Glover, and a lot of awkward sex.