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Traveling With Dogs! [Newly Nested]

Even though I have officially started my third trimester, babies aren’t on my mind.  Instead, I have my doggies on my brain.  Currently my two terrier mixes, Tango and Cash, are my babies, at least for the next three months.  Since I’ve owned them, I have imagined taking them on a family vacation.  Feel free to judge, but I enjoy having them around, so why not when all you are doing is relaxing and having fun?

This week we’ll be traveling to Las Vegas with our doggies.  I would say this is probably not the best city to go to with pets, but circumstances made it be so we are going to have fun with it.  We are going to see shows for the weekend and staying at Caesar’s Palace, which now has a really nice pet policy that you can check out here.  The one down side is I have

Tango proves he really needs a vacation.

viewed their “run” area and even my parents’ 8lb maltese wouldn’t have enough space to play in the strip of grass provided.  I am actually wondering if my two medium dogs (one 35lbs and one 45lbs) would both fit in it to poop at the same time.  No matter, when it comes to the late night potty break it will work nicely.

My dogs are generally easy going.  They love people (except Cash who is scared, but not vicious) and they love dogs even more.  However, on our last trip up to LA our dogs displayed some major anxiety over being in crowds.  While dining in The Grove they barked and sometimes growled at people and dogs that they deemed threatening.  It got to the point that we wouldn’t let strangers pet them (not even celebrities, like Patti Stanger who ogled over our dogs for a while).  LA anxiety is something I understand, but walking through a casino won’t be any easier.  So how do I prepare the dogs for a strange new place?

Here are a few things I’ve come up with:

  • I got them a mesh play crate so that there will be no diarrhea all over Caesar’s carpeting and no chewed up bedding either when we are out of the room.
  • I have handy belly bands for walking through the building, so they won’t be tempted to mark any of those loud slot machines.
  • One vet also told me to feed them cottage cheese to prevent stomach ache, so they have a whole container for their little vacation.
  • For the blazing sun in Vegas I bought wax to protect their paws so they can hopefully go on their usual dog walk to burn some energy.
  • Finally, so they aren’t alone in the room the whole time my dorky husband has decided to bring his lap top so he can hang with the dogs and play computer games.  Honestly, that is an idea of a vacation for him.

Cash likes his new play crate.

Do you have any helpful suggestions for traveling with animals?  I hope all goes well and maybe after the baby comes we can all go on a camping trip together (of course in a cabin not a tent).

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featured image credit: tybo.