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Vajazzling and Pejazzling: Tall Glass of Shame [BEST OF FaN]

Originally published 05/26/11

I am all for bling in this world, but there is a time and place for everything. It seems everywhere I turn these days there is another mylar encrusted t-shirt, more shimmering cell phone covers, jewel encrusted dog collars and now… Swarovski crystals for your lady bits! Yes ladies you can bling out your vagina for your next big event. Don’t go walking down that red carpet, or flash it getting out of the car without a bit o’ crystal adorning your flower.

Vajazzling is a trend that has been around for quite a while apparently. Completely Bare, a waxing spa, has been doing this since 2001 and is considered the first spa to have started offering this procedure. They offer a service called “Completely Bare with Flair” where you pick your choice of a butterfly, heart, lips, stars, or a personalized design for your special area after getting a brazilian wax. Personally, if I had a vagina I wouldn’t see the need for a Vajazzle session, I’d just find myself a good broach and some eyelash glue.

It’s funny how many places Vajazzling seems to be popping up these days, even resident “D Lister” Kathy Griffin got Vajazzled and a public pap smear on her show to bring awareness to Cervical Cancer. Sitcoms, Reality TV, and even Oprah have featured this quirky trend. Here is Jennifer Love Hewitt discussing her love for Vajazzling on Lopez Tonight, I think she needs therapy, not Swarovski crystals…

If you are brave enough, you can even swing by the not so safe for work website: and let those Vajazzling enthusiasts know what you think of their crotch jewels! Now, we all knew this trend would eventually spread beyond a few star shaped crystals and they have just announced there will be a men’s line of jewels for those days you want to be Pejazzled or Testazzled. I can see the disco balls now! Get ready boys, I think I know what will be in your stockings this year!

Here is video of a bloke in the UK geting Pejazzled… Oh the fun things we all go through in the name of fashion, or to get noticed on the internet!

Every time I hear about this Vajazzle craze, I can’t help but harken back to the good old days of The Bedazzler! This commercial makes me want to whip up a pair of sparkly daisy dukes. Summer IS just around the bend ladies!

For the finale video this week I bring you one of my favorite Gems, Someone who not only Vajazzles but wears her gem sweaters proudly: Leslie from Leslie and the Lys. She has a sparkly funky track for you to check out: Beat Dazzler — she must be seen to be believed, and her live concerts are a blast! Now where did I put that broach and eyelash glue?….