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We’ll Take a Case of the Fridays

It’s the freakin weekend ya’ll, time to have me some fun. Big Announcement after the jump, but first…

What a beyond great first week.  I cannot express how beyond thrilled I am with our soft open. And I’m even more thrilled with how many of you found us, before we even started our marketing push. We’ve already beaten our hoped-for first month visitor goal by almost %400  — yes you read that right. I either had really modest goals or there are a lot more Fierce Nerds than I thought out there. Either way, hurrah!

And here’s the best bit. The week ain’t over yet.

Fridays are of course dedicated to fun, fun, fun. And we’ve got a hodgepodge of really neat-o blogs for you today.

But before we get to all of that, I just wanted to announce a really exciting project that Fierce and Nerdy is doing in association with Filly Film Cult:


I’m so frickin excited about this project, the nurses are fixing to call code red after seeing my heart monitor read-out.

We’re actually holding auditions this weekend, and will be slow-feeding* you details as be getting more details soon. Til then, keep your eyes (and your mouse) on Fierce and Nerdy.

100% Love,


*Slow-Feed is a word that Fierce and Nerdy Contributor and Current Mood Photographer Gudrun Cram-Drach came up with, and I’ve decided to make it my Official New Favorite Word Ever. Of course my New Favorite Word Ever changes often and quite arbritrarily at that. But for now “slow-feed” and I our quite happy together. Thank you, Gudrun.