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What to do About the Nook [Tall Drink of Nerd]

I was always the vocal luddite who advocated for paper books and damned the e-reader. Then, in June, my birthday came on the heels of a week spent traveling around Colorado, my shoulder bag loaded with three library books. I came home from Colorado with a pinched nerve in my neck, from carrying around three big library books in my shoulder bag. Two weeks later, my husband presented me with my birthday gift, a Nook! (He’s an excellent gift giver, noticing my subtle hints, such as “My neck hurts sooo bad from travelling with books. You should get me a Nook for my birthday.”)

When I flew back to Colorado in August, the Nook took the place of all books. My carry-on felt about one thousand times lighter. I loved my Nook! I loaded it up with library books and a few purchases from the site. An availability of titles at our local library was the reason I chose a Nook over the Kindle, they didn’t have Kindle ready files (then, they do now.) I just wanted the simple e-reader, (not the ostentatious tablet) so that saved us the expense of possibly considering an iPad. The Nook rocked my reading life. It went everywhere with me, especially to bed. I loved it so much, I tossed the original packaging, just to show how committed we were to each other.

Then, for Christmas, I got the surprise of the decade when I opened a present to discover an iPad2 (3G no less). “Are you Freaking KIDDING me?” I stammered about 8 times. Just so you get the full effect, the present came via delivery about 3 days prior to the holiday, while I was on a very contentious conference call for work. You know that I can’t wait to open a present. I muted my Blackberry and ripped the wrapping off the box. While my co-workers were trying their best to dominate each other without yelling, I was being overwhelmed with the generosity of an iPad2. It was a surreal moment.

This iPad is great!(dur) My hubs got me a bluetooth keyboard and I’ve been writing away in an app called CleanWriter. Such a deal at 99 cents! The iPad2 also has a free Kindle app, and my local library now has files for Kindle readers. To entice me down the Kindle hole further, Amazon has a ton more titles than Barnes and Noble.

My first world problem: What should I do about the Nook?

Do I just put my Nook in some cranny? It feels gluttonous, having two e-readers in my possession. I’ve been trampled by Moore’s Law. The Nook is only 6 months old and I don’t want to ditch one of the best birthday gifts I’ve ever received. I actually feel a bit sorry for Nook, gathering dust on my bed-side table while I play Puss in Boots: Fruit Ninja on the iPad. For one second, I thought of giving the Nook to my Mom, but she’s only had the internet for 4 months and is just now getting her sea legs on how to send emails. Pretty sure she would feel over way her head trying to download files. Seen (the hubs) thinks I should sell it. I’m pondering donating it to a woman’s shelter or kids literacy program. What say you? What is to be done about the Nook?

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