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What Would You Do For $5? [What the Tech?!]

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself what you or someone else would do to earn $5, there’s a website for that!


It’s called and it just got a nice user interface revamp last week which took it from looking like Craigslist’s awkward cousin who knows a little about html to looking like a seriously legit marketplace where I’d feel comfortable tossing a few $5 bills around!

Fiverr allows individuals to create “seller” accounts and get online and sell whatever it is they feel is worth your $5. These goods and/or (mostly) services fall into one or many of eight categories: gifts, graphics & design, video & animation, fun & bizarre, writing & translation, advertising, business and music & audio.

Sellers are all over the globe and sometimes you can end up getting a pretty darn good deal when your $5 exchanges well.

For example, seller priyankareddygk is an event organizer in Hyderabad, India by day and edits short videos on Fiverr by night.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever looked into video editing services but that’s kind of a freakin’ deal. One second of good footage can take up to an hour to edit, and she’s willing to do a :30 complete package for five bucks.

She has over 194 ratings with all positive feedback from previous clients.

I wish I could sell ANY service of mine for five bucks 194 times, I’d feel like a rockstar. Maybe that’s just me.

That’s more of a practical service offered – but Fiverr sure does come to bat with some unique services that feel that they’d best be used for gimmicky marketing strategies on websites and social media – or even as a creative way to say Happy Birthday to a friend.

Sometimes your thinking on how to best utilize the service might have to be as creative as the service itself.

What do I mean exactly? Here are a few examples:

Seller peabodysmith will have this deer hot dog say anything you want!

peabodysmith, aka Vincenzo of Nova Scotia describes himself as a writer, journalist and giraffe enthusiast (which makes me wonder why he wasn’t inspired to make a giraffe hot dog?).

He’ll do customized videos as well – I’ve seen some from his portfolio and they’re quite good.

Seller raybears will make a pizza featuring a design of your choosing.

My favorite snippet of her biography reads:

 My gig on Fiverr is a fun, casual way for me to subsidize my “pizza-making habit”, and pushes me to get really creative with how I use my ingredients. Having studied various forms of art (watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, ink, graphic design, etc.) almost all my life, I like to think of food–in this case pizza–as just another medium, and have enjoyed the challenges that come from working with it.

No, she won’t send you the pizza. But you will get six photographs of it and can just IMAGINE that it tastes good and not feel all food teased like when something looks AWESOME and then tastes like crap.

I’m not saying your pizza tastes like crap, Ray. I’m sure it’s absolutely delicious.

You could always look at a pic of this $5 pizza and eat a $5 pizza at the same time and you won’t know the difference.

That’s $10 spent for an excellent pizza experience. If you’d ordered a pizza that looked like this from a local “artisan” pizza maker, you’d be paying like $40 for it!

Let Ray eat the pizza, send you the pictures, and everyone’s happy!


coreworkouts, from Australia

18 gigs of super creative videos starring his handsome self doing anything from silly, to creative, to “testimonials”. This video makes me miss Steve Irwin, but makes me happy that Jamie is in my life.


bshore2000, probably from America

14 gigs, from product testing videos to German translation to Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions to…. whatever this is….

I should note that F&N editor Joshua Mauldin (who is known for his film reviews) had this review about the following video (mostly in reference to their WILD success rate on fiverr):

“They totally turn their camera off, take off their wigs, pull out the teeth, put on polo shirts, fire up the Benz and head out for nine holes.”



minimovies, from Melbourne, Australia

10 awesome artsy gigs, including this stop-motion sky writer animation. Which saved me about $12,639 on the real thing:


Fiverr wants you to start flexing your creative muscles – if I had time, I’d be gigging out all over the place!

Next time you need ANYTHING by way of marketing or creative gifts, or have $5 burning a hole in your pocket, go straight to and please, please share with us whatever you decide on.

Until next time, fierce nerds!