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What Would You Have Died Of? [Oh, It’s Tuesday]

I forgot whether it was on another blog or in a book or maybe a newspaper article, but I was reading something in which a woman was talking about what she and her husband would have died of if not for modern medicine.

And I’m somewhat morbid, so that got me to thinking that if antibiotics hadn’t been invented, I might have died from my many bouts of strep throat as a child. If I’d waited for my daughter to come out on her own as opposed to inducing and cesareans hadn’t been invented, we probably would have both died in childbirth.

Though strangely enough, regarding getting hit by a car when I was nine and out riding my bike, even if I hadn’t had access to a hospital, I would have been fine. I was, of course, checked out for broken bones and concussions and all that jazz at the hospital, but other than being sore for weeks afterward, I was fine. Getting hit by that car didn’t and wouldn’t have killed me even if medicine hadn’t advanced.

But back to being morbid. How about you guys? What would have killed you if not for modern medicine?