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Where in the World is Ryan Dixon? or Fierce Anticipation on the etc

Am sad to report this, as I know that you all fiercely anticipate Fierce Anticipation, but Ryan won’t be able to bring you your weekly installment this week, because we’re in the final days of Oh Merry Beaver!, which if you’ve ever directed a guerilla web series roughly translates to H-E-L-L.

So here goes my significantly shorter sub-in “Fierce Anticipation,” which could also be called, “What I Would Want To Be Doing If I Weren’t In Bruges and London All Weekend.”


The Met in HD screening of Dr. Atomic on Saturday, which Howard wrote about yesterday. Dr. Atomic sounds awesome! If you haven’t yet, read his pitch for getting your opera on at the movies here.


Slumdog Millionaire opens in limited release on November 7th, and I kinda wanna see it, because it’s directed by Danny Boyle; stars the guy that plays the Muslim kid on my favorite teen soap, Skins; and has an intriguing premise. But then I kinda don’t want to see it, because one reviewer called it “a triumph.” And I hate when reviewers drag out that tired cliche. Seriously, can’t you reviewers think of anything else to call films you really like? Anyway, check out the trailer below:


Antwerp. No one that I told I was going to Belgium recommended that I go to Antwerp. And Jennifer MN even said that it reminded her of Philadelphia. Which is why I’m head to Bruges, then London, before I head back to Los Angeles on Monday.

I know, I know, not as good as Ryan’s weekly blogumn, but he’ll be back next week, so check back then.