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Why The I-Tunes Genius Bar Will Save The Earth From Alien Predators and Possibly Cure AIDS One Day

Okay, if you haven’t updated to I-Tunes 8.0 yet. Do that ish now. Seriously, do it right now. As obsessed as I am with our stat counter, I will wait for you to install it and restart down your computer. Then I’ll wait for you to choose the “Turn On Genius Bar” option. Maybe you’ll come back, maybe you won’t. But I’ll feel better about myself, because I’ll know that I facilitated making you into a better person.

Let’s not mince words here,  it is so very, very important that you get Genius Bar. Because it is so beyond genius.

Basically, it lets you select a song and then it creates a playlist of suggestions based on that song.

I know what you’re thinking: “But I can make my own playlists, can’t I? I’ve been doing it for years now.”

No, dude, not like this. This algorithm knows your musical taste better than you do. And in the order you most want to listen to it. Also, if you have a bad music junkie habit like I do, then it actually reunites you with all sorts of music that you either didn’t know you had in the first place or had complete forgotten that you used to love.

I’ve been using Genius Bar since Monday, and I’m quite sure that it’s the equivalent of meeting the daughter that you gave up for adoption 18 years ago for the first time, going to your 10-year college reunion, and hooking up with the one that got away, all in the same day.

Also, I’ve checked in with a few scientists and ELE experts, and they all agree that the I-Tunes Genius Bar will most likely save the Earth from alien predators and possibly cure AIDS some day.

So you know, better hop on getting that Genius Bar action.

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P.S. — I know I didn’t exactly make myself clear on this point. Some of you are probably wondering if I like the new(ish) Genius Bar or not. And the answer to that question is a dignified, “Yes, yes, I like it very much. Thank you for asking.”

P.S.S. — If you want a less-gushy blog that actually gives you product specifics and some negatives even, try this Wired Article.