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Wonderfully Awful: Meowy Catmas!!!


A blogumn by Robin Rosenzweig

Here we go again…another blog about cats! YAY!

Last week, CH wrote about some fantastic holiday gifts for your cats. I’m about to take that to the next level with Wonderfully Awful gifts for people who really love (and perhaps have an unhealthy obsession with) cats. People who would be into these gifts generally also…

…wear cat shirts with sayings like “LOVE THAT COUNTRY MEOWSIC”
…scream out “KITTY!!” and giggle anytime he/she sees a cute cat doing cute cat things

As someone who fits all of the above criteria (much to the chagrin of my boyfriend), I wholeheartedly give my stamp of approval on the following amazing finds for the cat fanatic in all of us…or at least all of us who are cat fanatics.


We’ve all seen the magnets that allow us to compose brilliant soliloquies on the fridge before digging in to find snacks. Now, thanks to the folks behind the brilliant icanhascheezburger, we have LOLCAT refrigerator magnets. With these magnets, we can all get to know the complex LOLCAT language from the comfort of our own refrigerators. Use them to entertain others – or just yourself – by adding fun captions to your fridge photos. Or, enjoy the added benefit of confrontation avoidance. The next time your jerk of a roommate takes your food (a burrito, for example) simply arrange your magnets to say the following:  “OH NOES. U EATED MAH PURRITO. WTF? I GOIN TAEK DIS LAZER AND PEW PEW PEW WIF IT. KTHXBAI!!1!”

More Wonderfully Awful Catmas gifts after the jump!

Have you ever seen a kitten doing something cute, but then it stops and something else happens, and you wish that the kitten would still be doing something cute? If so, then stop right now and add “The Wonderful World of Kittens” to your holiday wish list. This DVD that actually exists contains 45 minutes of, as they put it, all the cute they could squeeze into a DVD. Tons of adorableness, none of the filler – and all of it set to music. This totally not make-believe item was given to me as a birthday present, and I recently held a viewing party with my fellow cat-lovin’ pals (along with cat-themed beer and wine, which most definitely enhances the viewing experience of the DVD). Having viewed it, I can say that with the kitten-on-kitten playfulness and funky soundtrack, “The Wonderful World of Kittens” is bona-fide kitten porn. If you or someone you love is into that kind of thing, you can purchase the DVD here. If you are not completely convinced, see below for the trailer for this 100% real DVD.

Doesn’t it seem like the Christmas Music Performed by Animals genre has totally gone to the dogs, what with Jingle Dogs receiving all of the fame as well as the radio airplay? I think it’s time that the Jingle Cats franchise gets its due respect. And yes, I said franchise. There are multiple Jingle Cats CDs and DVDs, including one that’s not even holiday themed (“Rhythm and Mews”). The songs feature real cat sounds recorded and set to music, and really, you haven’t heard anything until you’ve heard Ave Maria sung by cats (as featured on the “Here Comes Santa Claws” album). If I have any gripe about Jingle Cats, it’s that too many songs feature barking dogs alongside the cat mews. I mean seriously, enough already with those damn Jingle Dogs! It’s the cats’ time to shine!

And with that, I wish you and yours a Meowy Catsmas and a Happy Mew Year! KTHXBAI!