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Wonderfully Awful: We All Have Our Vices

We all have our vices. Everyone has a little something that they know is bad for them, but they love it so much that they have a hard time picturing their lives without it. Some may even take their vices to the point of addiction. There are your standards – booze, cigarettes, drugs, etc.

And then there’s mine.

I don’t smoke, am drug free and only drink occasionally. I don’t even like chocolate. But I have this one thing that I know is terrible for me, but it brings me an insane amount of joy every time I have it.

So what’s my vice? Raviolios are my vice.

Now let’s be clear here. Yes, I’m talking about ravioli in a can. But I’m not talking about Chef Boyardee. Every time I talk about how much I love Raviolios, someone inevitably gives me a can of Chef Boyardee Ravioli. Don’t get me wrong – I like Chef Boyardee and I will eat the hell out of it. But it doesn’t give me that extra cracky feeling that can only come from the authentic Raviolio product.

For those that are unfamiliar, Raviolios used to be made by a company called Franco American. They are, perhaps, best known for ubiquitous Spaghettios (aka the spaghetti you can eat with a spoon!). Although the origin of when and how Raviolios came to be is a bit unknown, they are presumably something of a spinoff of the original Spaghettios product. The Joanie Loves Chachi to the Spaghettios Happy Days, if you will. Or maybe more like the Three’s a Crowd to the Spaghettios Three’s Company, meaning the latter never did achieve the popularity and timelessness of the former.

As a child, I liked Spaghettios but I LOVED Raviolios. And that love continued through the years. But then one day they just simply disappeared from store shelves. And since Raviolios aren’t something you can buy on the black market or on a seedy street corner, I had to learn to live without them.

But then something miraculous happened – they started showing up again. I couldn’t find them everywhere, but I started to know where I could find Raviolios, and made special shopping trips to do so. I had friends looking out for me to give me hot tips on new stores that started carrying them. They were often overpriced, but it didn’t matter because I was able to get my Raviolio fix once again.

Not too long ago, they disappeared again, only to return under the Campbells brand label. They still can’t be found at every grocery store, but you had better believe that I know exactly what stores in the greater Los Angeles area carry Raviolios…and for what price. For the record, they are still generally overpriced everywhere except for at Food 4 Less stores just outside of Las Vegas (where I often stock up) and a the Target in Burbank (where I recently added 50 cans of Raviolios to my wedding registry…I am so not kidding!).

With over 2,000 grams of sodium and nearly 80 grams of carbs per can (as well as an unknown amount of preservatives), I know Raviolios may be the death of me. And maybe someday, I’ll need a Raviolio intervention. But for as long as I remember, I have loved them and their round, meaty, orange-sauced goodness, and I figured it was high time I shared that with the world. And it’s not just to get people to buy them for me off of my wedding registry. I swear (wink wink)!

So do you have a ridiculous, embarrassing silly vice like mine? If so, share in the comments. You are not alone!