Worst of 2010: The Movies… [FaN Boos]

Ernessa says: This was a hard one. Part of me wants to say SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD b/c the females were so poorly rendered in this film and I had such high expectations. But I think I’ll have to go with MEGAMIND, because it was such a boys club, and pretty much everything that’s wrong with adventure/sci-fi right now. Go HERE for my review.

Sadly, none of the FaN Bloggers agree with me. In fact SCOTT showed up on the Best of list yesterday. And though I didn’t have any problems with KICK-ASS a couple of our bloggers gave it a big ole thumbs down. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments.

Not A Love Match

EAT PRAY LOVE — it was too slow for me I almost feel asleep.

Alex and Emmy from Dating Ell-A

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. Get over yourself and stop boring me.

Amy Robinson from Tall Drink of Nerd

ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Please, can Tim Burton and Johnny Depp stop making the same movie over and over?

Jersey Joe from Kicking Back With Jersey Joe

HEREAFTER was a movie that felt like its screenplay was written over a long weekend during which the screenwriter took too much Ambien. Clint Eastwood can be a good director when he has very strong material, but when he doesn’t you get…well, this. Not to spoil it, but the climax was a character going to a book fair. A book fair. That might make it sound appealing to readers of this site, but just trust me, it’s not.

Joe Rusin from On the Contrary

INCEPTION.  Crashing strings and pretty pictures couldn’t rescue what, at base level, was a pretty conventional hero’s journey story.  I dreamed of better (heh heh. . .get it?  Dreamed?  heh.)

Michael Kass from Single White Nerd

The biggest disappointment of the year was that movie with the name of a fish in it about the wienie NY guy who starts a love affair with a girl’s sister online. Cannot even remember what stupid fish it was. Hated. That. Crap.  [Ed. Note: It was CATFISH]

Dr. Miro Guldesky from Ask Dr. Miro

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS (Part One). Hours of watching a camping trip gone wrong punctuated by a bad CGI sex encounter between Harry and Hermione. Blech!

Roya Hamadani from Fierce Foodie

So Not Funny

COP OUT. I like Kevin Smith. I like Tracy Morgan. I like Bruce Willis, but I didn’t make it 10 minutes into the movie before I had to turn it off.

CH from Buy Me This

MACGRUBER. Not a movie I would usually even see, but I put it in Netflix and only made it through the first 30 minutes. Boring and not funny at all.

Debra Goykhman from NewlyNested

GROWN-UPS. What a waste of time, money and talent…Sad.

Kelli Bielema from Fierce in Seattle

Seriously, Cut It Out With the Remakes Already

A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET made me think that the theater was full of sociopaths. Who would enjoy watching people be slaughtered?

Amy Brown from Book Simple

A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. The real Freddy Krueger would be embarrassed to create a dream as boring as this flaccid remake.

Ryan Dixon from The Ryan Dixon Line and FIERCE ANTICIPATION

Can I count movies that I slept through? In that case, CLASH OF THE TITANS. Just terrible. At least the first fifteen minutes were, but M, who managed to stay awake for the whole thing concurs its awfulness. If the special effects in a movie look WORSE than a video game, it’s best to steer clear. Hear?

Gudrun Cram-Drach from Secret Life of an Expat

Okay, this may be cheating because I did not actually see the film. It looked like such a travesty…..I just could not pay good money to see it. The casting was AWFUL and completely off base! The plot, from what I could tell, looked ridiculous! My vote for least favorite movie of 2010 goes to THE A-TEAM! Remember I said yesterday that i do not usually like remakes — movies like the “A-Team” are why. Just because you give any ole black man a mohawk does not mean he can play B.A, Baracus! And what was Liam Neeson thinking?!? He was NO Hannibal! An absolute travesty!

Monique King-Viehland from Political Physics


R.B. Ripley from The Indie Chronicles

Action Clunkers

Since I don’t get out much, I’m not really qualified to say. But I was delighted to see that THE TOURIST and SALT failed miserably. So nice to see Angelina slip into irrelevance. Maybe now she can trade in her rainbow coalition babies and go back to fucking her brother in peace.

Eric Sims from California Seething

AVATAR. Can you believe I shelled out the 20 bucks to see that over-priced, overrated drivel in 3D? Neither can I.

Kelly Lett from Nerd In Transition

Raoul got KICK-ASS on DVD. It was way more gory than I thought, so I can’t watch it. I will also say I do not like Michael Cera movies! UGH. He is terrible.

Missy Kulik from Dork Lifestyle

For some reason the film KICK-ASS just rubbed me the wrong way. It seems to have wanted to pull off what Scott Pilgrim vs. The World did so well, but in the end, it almost seemed like an adolescent snuff film with Cage driving the bus… I just felt gross after watching it and in a strange way wanted all of them to die in the end. I couldn’t stand any of the characters, not much redeeming about any of them. This movie did anything but kick ass.

Zack Bunker from Tall Glass of Shame


THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT. I’m still wondering why Julianne Moore goes straight and Ruffalo turns into such a dick.

Josh Pullin from Stay At Home Nerd