Worst of 2010: TV… [FaN Boos]

Ernessa says: My big complaint of the year is that there were really too many bad TV shows to choose from in 2010. I seriously had a hard time narrowing down my choices. Note to TV Execs: Next year you’ve just got to do better.

That said, I’m going to have to go with THE WALKING DEAD because though it started out very well with its almost shot-by-shot  visualization of its source-material comic (which I reviewed HERE earlier this week), it soon became so incredibly disappointing for the following reasons: Unlike the comic, none of the POC in this series seem to have any kind of interior life. Speaking of POC, they got rid of the Latino family for inexplicable reasons, have yet to revisit the extremely interesting black father-son characters from the pilot, and have done less than nothing with the Asian-American character — who in the comic has a super-interesting backstory that would have resonated with today’s recession-weary viewer.

As for the women, well in the comic they were all given guns and taught to shoot along with the main character’s young son. In the TV show, the policeman gives half of his guns to some random dudes protecting a senior citizen home while the women remain weaponless. Also, the one strong, judgmental, Christian-feminist wife with a kind husband and the emotionally-needy single mother  have been replaced by some weird hybrid character — an abused wife who needs to be protected by the men in the group, in order to escape mistreatment from her horrible husband.

Oh, and while they were busy scrubbing all the interesting qualities from the majority of the people of color and women, they added two racist brothers — because you know racist people are so much more interesting than well-developed POC and female characters. And as for the comic’s many romantic subplots, they’ve mostly gone MIA, with the show choosing to keep the hidden love triangle burning between the three white folks way longer than they did in the book while simultaneously getting rid of much of the BFF-gone-sour conflict between the two police officers involved in it. The result is a boring slog of a show, which unlike its source material, fails to tackle any real issues, except for the ones they borrowed from very special episodes of 80s sitcoms. I would vow to stop watching, except at this point in the comic book, two super-interesting black characters come along and the show can easily be fixed if the new writers (reportedly all the old ones were fired) can harness some of what made the comic interesting in the first place.

Breathing hard after that rant … so let’s just see what everyone else picked as their worst show of the year, shall we?*

Totally Didn’t Laugh…

RUNNING WILDE (FOX), heartrendingly disappointing fare from the makers of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, my favorite show ever.

Amy Brown from Book Simple

TWO AND A HALF MEN (ABC).  Seriously, this attempt at humor is more offensive than BRIDALPLASTY.  At least BRIDALPLASTY knows how Whiskey Tango it is.  I think the most egregious thing about TWO AND A HALF MEN is that it is successful.  I do not understand the world today.

Amy Robinson from Tall Drink of Nerd

OUTSOURCED (NBC), After watching the movie I was so disappointed with the tv show. They took everything good from the movie and got rid of it. Then they added a bunch of bad cliches.

CH from Buy Me This

MIKE AND MOLLY (CBS).  Accidentally saw part of one episode.  Really, television executives?  Really?

Michael Kass from Single White Nerd

Wasn’t Even A Little Bit Compelled

This has been my least favorite show for many years, but now I have a love/hate relationship with it. Les Experts Miami, or in american: CSI: Miami (CBS). Unfortunately this show is broadcast, often, on TF1 here in France. Of all the CSIs, why Miami? But, the other day I had it on as background noise while I wrapped presents, and it suddenly switched into English. I shook my head, wondering if my French comprehension had suddenly clicked into fluency, but no, they were speaking English and it stayed that way for the rest of the show. So… if it’s on again, I’ll probably watch it, on the chance that it flips into English again. But I still hate it.

Gudrun Cram-Drach from Secret Life of an Expat

PARENTHOOD.  Too many good actors and not enough story to go around.  Forced conflict and ribbon endings make me feel like I’m being grounded.

Josh Pullin from Stay At Home Nerd

THE WALKING DEAD (AMC) is just too scary for me.

Missy Kulik from Dork Lifestyle

I tried to watch NO ORDINARY FAMILY (ABC), but I just could not stay interested.  It should have been really exciting, but it just feel “dead” most episodes.

Monique King-Viehland from Political Physics

Oh Reality …

Anything about crazy people on A&E. I had no idea A & E stood for “Alcoholics are funny!” &Eeek! She has 27 dead cats in her house under a pile of old newspapers. Get the camera quick!”

Eric Sims from California Seething

V (ABC) was such a disappointment because I so loved the original mini-series. And I’ll never watch PROJECT RUNWAY(Lifetime) again.

Kelly Lett from Nerd In Transition

I chose The A-LIST: New York (Logo) (with Rupaul’s Drag U and Glee puling up the rear) This show was “reality” at it’s worst: bitchy, gross gays. Not fun to watch, and certainly not a good example of us gays for the rest of the world to base any kind of opinion on. Almost every gay man I know hates these people… Now if we could only find a way to run cars on bitchy queens gossiping and making giggly vagina references we could stop using fossil fuels altogether just by bottling these guys up in a big jar!

Zack Bunker from Tall Glass of Shame

Kardashian … I Just Kan’t

KOURTNEY AND KHLOE TAKE MIAMI - I’m really over the Kardasians- was never into them

Alex and Emmy from Dating Ell-A

Anything with a Kardashian.

Kelli Bielema from Fierce in Seattle

Please Stop Talking

THE TALK (CBS).  I am shamefully a junky of THE VIEW and I really wanted to like THE TALK but the mommy-centric discussions are just way too boring for me to sit through.  They have a great group of ladies, they could have done much better.

Debra Goykhman from NewlyNested

THE JAY LENO SHOW (NBC).  It was great they finally gave up and ended this thing on February 9th.  It was one of TV’s biggest blunders ever.

Jersey Joe from Kicking Back With Jersey Joe

Most of the news programs. I don’t really enjoy being talked to like an idiot or as if everyone all thinks the same way. That thing they do where everyone announcing the news has an opinion? I like to make up my own mind.

Dr. Miro Guldesky from Ask Dr. Miro

Anything on Fox News, which is what my father has started blasting every time I go home.  Argh.

Roya Hamadani from Fierce Foodie

Election Night. It’s no fun being on the losing side.

Ryan Dixon from The Ryan Dixon Line and FIERCE ANTICIPATION

No, Seriously, STFU

GLEE (FOX). I know people love it, but all it takes is a clip to make me want to punch babies. Only the music of Owl City has the same effect on me.

Joe Rusin from On the Contrary

GLEE (FOX) with the caveat that I’m terribly confused by it.

R.B. Ripley from The Indie Chronicles

*Also, if the majority of the show is set right outside a zombiefied Atlanta, why are 99.9% of the zombies white? Did all the black people get away? Are they all hiding in some underground tunnel we don’t know about?