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Wow! It’s Wednesday

I’m a big fan of Wednesdays. Everything just seems to start looking up on Wednesdays, and suddenly it’s like, “Yeah, Ernessa, anything IS possible — I mean, it’s Wednesday!”

I often book time with fellow busy friends, outline future projects, and agree to things I would other-day-wise not agree to on Wednesdays.

Wednesday is a good day.

And today is Wednesday, so what-what!

Of course this is all to say that we’ve got a plethora of pleasant blogs about gadgets, style, and all sorts of clever things that make us happy.

Thank God it’s Wednesday.

Oh, and just so it doesn’t get too sunny, in here, this is the equivalent of legally┬áchanging your name to EsStupido. File It Under: The Crazy Shite that Non-Nerds do.