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Wow! It’s Wednesday! Awesomely Tacky Homes

So I keep on forgetting to tell you guys the story about the tackiest house in Los Angeles. When my Trenton-based BFF, MMKV was in town with her son and husband, who’s an architect, I offered to take them to the “tackiest house that they have ever seen.” They didn’t believe me. However, when they saw the house in all of its bad-taste glory, they both agreed that it was the tackiest house they had ever seen and apologized for doubting my word on this.

And the story goes on. After showing pictures of the ghastly wonder to her mother when she got home, MMKV’s mother declared, “I know that house. The mother of the guy that owns it goes to the church down the street from mine.”

So yes, MMKV was chagrinned to find out that, Norwood Young, the owner of the tackiest house in Los Angeles is actually from her hometown of Trenton.

Those of you who live in Los Angeles probably know where I’m going with this. Of course the house I speak of is Youngwood Court aka The House of Davids aka The Tackiest House in Los Angeles.

Here’s Youngwood Court during regular times:


And here’s Youngwood Court at Christmas:


I’m fairly sure that Jesus being of sound and decorative mind would not have approved. So thank you, Trenton, for sending your minion of poor taste to our fair city.

Anyway, this now has me wondering if anyone else has a notoriously tacky house in their neighborhood. CH was kind enough to send me this link to a Velvet Wonderland that’s currently up for sale in Palm Springs — seriously you have to see it to believe it. And then you still might not believe it.