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Wow! It’s Wednesday! Bye-Bye Love/Hello Break-up!

loveletterApparently less people than ever are writing love letters while the break-up letter is flourishing quite well — especially on the internet.

Now, I received a physical love letter once and was broken up with by email once. But I’ve never sent a love letter, physical or electronic. And I’ve never dumped anyone in writing — not because I’m a nice person or anything, but because back when I was dating I tended to do all my dumping with unreturned phone calls or rather awkwardly in person.

And I’ve just always been too self-conscious to go on about how much I love someone for more than a sentence or two. A paragraph if I’m feeling particularly sentimental that day – hormones and/or red wine are usually involved when an entire paragraph is achieved.

Still, it makes me sad that the love letter has lost its luster in these modern times. Many of you that have been to our home might have noticed the artwork that CH made out of love letters that his father sent to his first wife while a soldier. That’s one of my favorite CH pieces.

But how about you? Any love letters or break-up missives in your past?

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. photo credit: Dan Coulter