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Wow! It’s Wednesday! (Dream) Location, Location, Location

So last night I went to Japan. No big deal. I’ve actually lost track of how many times I’ve been to Japan … In my dreams.

Most often I’m there with my sister, but twice my dead mother has met me there for dinner at the Osaka Hilton. CH has been with me in Japan a few times, too, and last night slpc and Justin Time tagged along for a really random bus trip from Osaka to Tokyo.

What’s more surprising than my frequent trips to Japan is that I rarely visit the other countries that I’ve lived in or traveled to in my dreams. Just Japan.

Same goes for my other recurring dream locations: I often find myself at my undergrad, Smith, but never at my grad school, Carnegie Mellon. So many of my dreams take place in my childhood home but rarely in my own current residence. And Normandy High School is almost always where I’m at when it comes to not being ready for the big math test.

But how about you guys? Do you have a favored or really random recurring dream location? Let us know in the comments.