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Wow! It’s Wednesday! DVR For Your Radio

Concept Photo by Craig Allen
Concept Photo by Craig Allen

Yesterday, my friend, Brian V who’s visiting us from out of town said that he’d love to have DVR for his radio — especially where NPR was concerned. That sounded good to me, too, and just the existence of podcasts alone means that programmable radio will probably happen one of these days. And that got me to thinking about all of the little advances that I’m looking forward to in the near future.

Right now, I’m on the edge of my seat, waiting for iPhone to release their 3.0 operating system, so that I can finally have cut and paste. But BlackBerry already has cute and paste, and Apple really should have let us have cut and paste from the get-go, so that doesn’t really count.

As far as the next little advance goes, I’m obsessed with the idea of having an LED. video wall, so I can’t wait until LED gets cheap enough to actually throw one up in our living room.

How about you? Forget about hover cars, what little technological advances are you looking forward to over the next few years?