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Wow! It’s Wednesday! Happy April Fools Day!

aprilfoolsdaySo I admit that I’m just no good at April Fool’s Day.

As it turns out, I just don’t have the organizational skills or attention span to pull off a really good prank, so save for the time that the Tyler House Seniors took and hid all the chairs in the dining room, I’ve never been part of a great prank. And even that one’s a little suspect, b/c people were really mad about not having chairs at breakfast. And then even when we left them a note about where they were hidden, they were upset about having to haul a chair back into the dining room in order to eat. I don’t want to accuse Smithies of not having a sense of humor at breakfast time, but let’s just say, we seniors were the only ones who found that prank amusing, and we also ended up feeling bad for the kitchen staff who complained somewhat bitterly as they brought the chairs back in.

That’s what they don’t tell you about pranks. For every great pull, there’s some poor worker(s), who has to clean it up. And that leads to after-prank guilt. That’s why not everyone is built to be a good prankster.

Still, have any of you guys ever pulled off a really great prank? Let us know in the comments.


Image credit: riot jane (I kind of wish that I could sit in a bubble bath with a fuzzy navel and the front of my hair dyed blue right now.)