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Wow! It’s Wednesday! People Always Have Green for Mary Jane

Photo Credit: Zeetz Jones

Photo Credit: Zeetz Jones

Wow, despite a severe drought of financial resources on our fellow Americans part, there seems to be an uptick in sales of weed.

I can’t say that I’m surprised, but it did get me to thinking about crazy things that I have bought when I was flat broke. As many of my longtime friends know, I refused to get a credit card until I had steady and well-paid work. Though I as offered many of these cards, after getting in trouble with one during my college years, I decided that I could not afford to have one until my finances got stable.

So I couldn’t get into too much trouble. However, no matter how broke I got, I always seemed to be able to find money for fresh mozzarella and pesto. On sourdough bread spread with green presto, slices of fresh mozzarella are glorious. The better the pesto, the more glorious. And somehow, I always found the money for this type of sandwich as opposed to just going with plain old cold cuts. And in a way, I still feel like I’m cheating myself when I eat just a regular sandwich made with cold cuts for lunch.

But how about you? What’s the biggest luxury that you’ve splurged on while you were unemployed?