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Wow! It’s Wednesday! Snoogle Up

snoogleThough the Kwikee Date shoot was certainly a blast, I think the highlight of my week so far might have been finally receiving my snoogle maternity pillow almost 2 weeks after I order it on Amazon — don’t order this item from Amazon. Leachco took forever to send, and in the end, I wish we had paid the few extra dollars and gotten it from a store.

But as with many things, the wait was worth it. I got the best night of sleep I’ve received since I had to start sleeping on my side during my 15th week, so as not to cut off Betty’s circulation. I still it’s rather bad biological design that pregnant mothers can’t sleep on their backs after a certain point, but at least I now have my snoogle to support my head and my tummy in this endeavor.

CH tested it out, and he also found it quite comfortable. I mean who doesn’t like snuggling up with something soft and pliable at night? Wonder why they haven’t marketed this to non-pregnant folks yet.

In other pregnancy news, I fired my pre-natal screening specialist, Dr. Kathleen Bradley. Her office moved my big second trimester screening and ultrasound, which has been scheduled for over a month now with no explanation other than, “Dr. Bradley won’t be in that week.” They moved me to a date and time I couldn’t do. So I called back. But when I tried to get a morning appointment on a Tuesday or Thursday, so that CH could be there when we determined for almost-sure whether Betty was a girl or not, the front office woman seemed annoyed. She said that she could only give me the two times that CH wouldn’t be able to be there, because they were moving twenty appointments and Dr. Bradley was booked solid until then. She didn’t offer to look into further weeks, so that my husband could be there. Mind you it was really hard to book the first appointment in a reasonable time span.

It’s nice to be popular, but my primary OB is also really popular and his nice and efficient staff always manage to schedule me in the morning and in a reasonable time frame.

And though I’ve never fired a doctor before I said, “You know, Dr. Bradley is really hard to schedule appointments with. I think I might have to go with someone else for this appointment.”

The woman at the front desk answered, “Fine, I’ll let Dr. Bradley know.” And then she hung up on me, no apologies. Pleasant.

But it’s fine. I’m calling to get a referral for a new screening doc from my lovely OB’s office tomorrow. Dr. Bradley herself was super-nice. I just wish her front office was more amenable. Really annoying.