Wow! It’s Wednesday! Tea with Hitler


Me at 26 weeks. 3 more baby bump pictures to go...

So the one pregnancy symptom I had hoped to avoid happened yesterday. After 3 hours of sitting and writing on our back office futon, which doesn’t allow my feet to touch the ground, when I walked downstairs to join my husband for Heroes, I found that my feet were swollen.

I complained as I usually do when a new pregnancy symptom presents itself, but my heart wasn’t in it. After about 10 minutes of whining, I looked up swollen feet on the internet and decided that I needed to drink more water, put up my feet and somehow find the time to get more exercise.

Conveniently enough, two days ago I had decided to start making a weekly schedule and sticking to it. So now instead of 1 hour to eat lunch everyday at a reasonable time, I’m thinking 45 minutes to eat lunch and a 15 minute walk.

I’m don’t like schedules, but time is a big commodity for me, and I find it slipping through my fingers, in a way that I felt I needed to get on top of before Betty is born. All of the childcare books I’ve been reading have agreed that babies and kids need a ton of routine to feel safe and happy and loved.

I’m not a fan of routine, but I am already a big fan of Betty’s, despite the fact that she seems to be mooching many of physical resources for her own growth and development. So learning to keep a schedule it is.

Last night I got up twice to use the bathroom and after that I had a rather intense dream in which CH and I landed in World War II era Hitler-controlled Germany in our time machine. We were brought before Hitler and forced to lie about him winning the war in order to buy more time to devise a plan to get out of this mess. But then Hitler surprised us by demanding to be taken back to our time. He wanted to see this new world he had created. We took him back and landed in New York City. He was horrified to see how diverse the world had become and how he wasn’t considered a hero but a pariah. In the end, we checked him into a mental institution, and when we went to visit him a few weeks later, his hair was gray and he seemed very meek and chastened. We had tea. Then I woke up.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve always been plagued by nightmares during intense periods of change. But I’ve found that lately my dreams have been starting off as nightmares then sorting themselves out into either happy or decent enough endings.

So to review:

1)  I got swollen feet, and incorporated lifestyle changes as opposed to just complaining about them incessantly.

2) I hate routine, but decided to start sticking to a schedule.

3) I’ve gotten used to waking up several times in the middle of the night to take care of bodily functions.

4) I’m finding nightmare scenarios easier to tackle and handle.

Could it be that all of this is preparing me for motherhood?

We’ll see…