Wow! It’s Wednesday! The Heel of the Matter

andywarholshoesSo I’ve never been the type of woman that could wear high heels all day. Pumps … only if I won’t be doing a ton of standing. Wedges, though, are awesome and I used to wear them into the ground.

However, I made an awful discovery when I slipped on my sister’s black wedge boots for my baby shower. They looked perfect with my dress, but it only took 10 minutes of walking around on carpet for me to kick them off and switch them out in favor of way less flattering flat. Apparently, I am no longer able to wear even wedges comfortably. Horrifying. I’m blaming the whole pregnancy thing for this one. But I’m a little concerned that I’ll still find myself unable to swing wedges after my nine months are up. And I’ve been wondering lately if I should invest in a pair of athletic shoes that 1) aren’t green slip-on converses and 2) will match other things in my wardrobe.

I’ve always wanted to ask women who wear heels regularly how they do it. Is it because they have smaller feet that fit their frames? I’m 5’3 and wear a size 9.5 — the same size as my 6ft tall friend, Sallie. Maybe having clown feet precludes me from being able to wear fashionably tall high heels. Or maybe I’m just not woman enough to deal with the pain.

Anyway, here’s a Jezebel piece about a 1930’s guy that thought the next step in women’s emancipation would be abandoning the then-new high heel trend in favor of “non-barbaric” footwear. Considering that most feminists I know wear heels, I would say that’s not going to happen like ever. But I am waiting for the day when the supposedly comfortable Cole Haan – Nike Air mash-up heels come down to my price range OR when their design patent runs out, so that cheaper designers can start knocking them off.

Til then, I guess I’m in flats — and possibly wedges after the baby is born. Fingers crossed…

. photo credit: Rene Passet