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Wow! It’s Wednesday! The Lack of Standards In This Country

Somehow I’ve gotten both crankier and laidback with age. For whatever reason, the stuff that used to bother me (like traffic, hubris, and reality TV shows) really doesn’t bother me these days. But on the otherhand, the things that I used not to mind (like mommy-slammers, out-of-fictional-character actions, grammar nazis [not one of which I guarantee you writes and all-white movies or TV shows) really irk me.

But these days nothing seems to get crank up quite like the lack of standards in this country. I’m not talking moral requirements, but the standards by which we measure.

Photo Credit: Timothy Valentine

Photo Credit: Timothy Valentine

Take for example Shipping and Handling. One thing that makes it hard for me to shop on Etsy is the fact that so many people try to hose you on shipping. I’m sorry, but if you live in the domestic U.S. of A, it does not cost $5 to ship a pair of earrings. I know this, b/c most other sellers only charge $2 for shipping. And don’t get me started on sellers who insist on charging the same

This is also a big problem for me outside of etsy. I was in the middle of purchasing something off the internet this morning with a $14.95 price tag, when I was informed at checkout that it would cost five bucks to ship the item I wanted. Really? It cost more than a third of the sale price to ship it? I canceled my order. This scenario happens to me at least once a month. And the funny thing is that I wouldn’t have minded paying $20 for the item. I just knew that it shouldn’t cost $5 to ship it.

IMO, all shipping should be free. Or if you just really want to hose me on the shipping, then absorb it into your upfront sale price, so that I at least think it’s free. Don’t try to trick me with a low selling price then pull a gotcha with shipping. This just irritates the hell out of me.

I also feel that there should be one standard for volume across all television channels. I’m constantly pounding on the up and down volume button whenever I go to watch more than one program, b/c different channels choose to broadcast at wildly different volumes. Adopt a standard, bitches!

And don’t even get me started on clothing and shoes. I don’t have a lot of time, and I sick to death of having to find out that while I’m a large in some brands, I’m a medium in others. I don’t mind being a large. You won’t hurt my feelings by telling me the truth. But either way, adopt a friggin’ standard!!!

Anyway sound off on the little things that used not to bother you but now make you wanna spit in the comments.

P.S. — If you haven’t visited Delia from “Chic Geek” over at Market[Store(Shoppe) recently, she’s got a lot of clever new things up right now and she’s all about the free shipping. Good job!