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Wow! It’s Wednesday: To Google or Not to Google – The Unexpected Sequel

So, Kelli Bielema, one our Fierce and Nerdy contributors, sent me the following urgent message yesterday:


Ugh. Who is the gal who did the To Google or not To Google article?
This is upsetting!!! A site that can let you know who is Googling you. YIKES!!!!!!!!
Well, Kelli, that gal was actually me. Read the original article here.
The link that she sent directs you to a local new story about a, a social networking site, that allows you to see not only who googles you, but also where they live (complete with satellite pics) and what time they looked you up.
But before you panic, and decide to stop looking up your ex every month or so, try This is a site that allows you to anonymously use the Google search engine. So it’s pretty easy to foil Ziggs. Let cyber-stalking continue.
That all said, lots of Wow! Nerd Culture for you today. And make double-sure to catch Roya’s macoroni & cheese recipe at 1pm. Totally worth coming back for — unless you’re lactose intolerant. In that case, you might want to skip that post.