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Wow! It’s Wednesday! Up in Boxes

Photo by Carla Arena

Photo by Carla Arena

So as mentioned before, we’ve been thinking about moving to a more diverse neighborhood. Well, now we’re not just thinking about it, we’re actually doing it. We’ve sold our house in Silver Lake and we’ve put in a deposit on a really lovely rental house in Altadena.


1. Less money going out every month, which means that CH can take parental leave without too much monetary fuss.

2. New neighborhood that’s more diverse, safer and has much better public schools. So we won’t have to kill ourselves to come up with private school tuition or to seek out other black people.

3. It’s flat. Though, I haven’t minded living at the top of a big hill for the past few years, I am looking forward to tooling around my new, flat neighborhood on my bike, without fear of breaking my┬áneck on the downhill ride every time I decide to go into town.

4. Change is good — especially when it’s within walking distance of the local library. Yea!

5. I’m 8 months pregnant, so for once in my life, I’m not expected to do much on a big physical project. Nice!

Bonus Pro: We’ll be able to look for a new house in our new neighborhood in a nice leisurely fashion as opposed to scrambling to buy anything before our escrow closes.


1. We have to move. Keep in mind that I didn’t believe in possessions and didn’t have a stick of furniture before meeting CH. So I’m finding actually having to pack up rooms and rooms of stuff somewhat traumatizing.

2. The only thing I love more than our current neighborhood is our current house, so yeah, I’m going to miss them both big time.

3. We can’t get DirecTV in the new neighborhood, so we’ll have to go with cable. And cable has no reason to live.

4. Saying I live in Altadena isn’t nearly as sexy as saying I live in Silver Lake. And I’m already starting to feel a little boring. Apparently, I was just kidding when I used to tell people that I wasn’t cool enough to live in Silver Lake.

5. I’m 8 months pregnant and here’s what you want to be doing when you’re 8 months pregnant: absolutely nothing.

Bonus Con: Though we’ll be closer to most of our friends with kids, we’ll be farther from the most of the ones w/o kids.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at. Change is good, but also plenty scary. So this is all to say if you have any good house packing tips, we could use the advice.