Wow! It’s Wednesday! – You Guys! Oct15

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Wow! It’s Wednesday! – You Guys!

My first college English teacher (Patricia Skarda) told me that I would be be doing my writing a service to abandon the exclamation mark all together, but apparently that lesson never really sank in.

Though, in all fairness, I almost never use it in dialogue. And even more fairness, you guys drove me to it in this case.

Thanks so much for your huge response to my pregnancy news. CH and I are super-touched.

To answer just a few of the comments that we got on and offline:

-Yes, J. and D., do try to get pregnant sooner than later. In fact, if you live in L.A., everyone get pregnant like yesterday. Baby Hibbard will need playdates.

-No, this will not morph into a mommy blog. There are already so many good ones out there, so we’re just going to keep things Fierce and Nerdy here. Plus, we’re going to see Tina Turner tomorrow night, so you know, my hummingbird-like attention has already been diverted. It’s actually dangerous, because if she sings “We Don’t Need Another Hero” from Mad Max 2, I might die of nerd happiness. Die, I tell you!

-Good idea, Zacki! I can’t wait to take a maternity shopping trip with our resident chic geek, Delia. In fact, I might try to get her to do a mom chic blog. We’ll see.

But enough with the sentimental stuff. We have a ton of Wow! Nerd Culture for you today, including what CH is calling “the best litter box ever,” so definitely keep checking back throughout the day.