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Xoom vs. iPad 2 [NewlyNested]

For the last month I’ve been debating whether or not I should buy the Ipad 2 or the Xoom.  While all my friends are buying and telling me to get the iPad 2, I think I am going to go in a different direction.  That’s why this week I’m going to buy the Xoom, unless you want to talk me out of it.

First, I have to admit that Apple deserves props because they actually try to advertise to woman and Android consistently fails to recognize us as a significant demographic.  Just look at this commercial.

But beyond advertising the Xoom has some qualities that appeal to me.  First, it will (even though it doesn’t yet) be able to support Flash.  Second, it has a better camera.  Third, Google has officially taken over my life and I wouldn’t know how to live it without my gmail, google calander, google talk and google docs.  Fourth the Xoom has an SD slot for expandable storage.

The iPad 2 has some benefits too.  Their apps are more established (although I believe Android will be catching up).  They are lighter and thinner.  Finally, I really love their new Smart Cover (someone please make a Xoom version).  But most of the reasons I can put on the iPad pros side are not major.  I think all tablets need to be lighter in general.  I want one to be at least less than 1 lb.  Apps are 100% subjective.  I have not missed any apps yet by having a Droid instead of an iPhone.  Finally, as much as I do love Apple’s cover, it’s not really a good reason to buy their tablet.   It just proves that Apple likes to include girls in their marketing by making their accessory so appealing.

With that all said, I still have time to change my mind.  So which side of the fence are you on: Xoom or iPad 2?