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Your Professional Day Dreams [Oh, It’s Tuesday]

Lately I’ve been having like porno-level day dreams about … an office job. Yes, I said an office job. I imagine myself going into a building I do not pay rent on, sitting down at a desk and checking my email before fetching a cup of coffee. I can just see myself talking to co-workers about the latest episode of TRUE BLOOD at the water cooler. I also imagine myself checking the clock at five and saying, “Well, alrighty, it’s time to go.”

Let’s get this straight — I don’t really want an office job. Overseeing Fierce and Nerdy and writing novel is a dream come true literally — what I’m doing right now is what I used to day dream about doing back when I had an 8 to 5 and a cubicle to which I reported. However, I do miss interacting with people who aren’t either related to me or made up on a regular basis. And the thought of doing work that has clear guidelines and pay structures just feels sexy to me.

The only thing is that I have no idea what I’d do if I wasn’t doing this. I used to think it would be nice to be a lawyer or a computer scientist. But now I realize that those jobs would have bored me to death. In fact, all the other jobs that might hold some IRL appeal — teacher, therapist, counselor, producer, television executive — aren’t ones that can be done at a cubicle. So in actuality my weird fantasy is just that — a weird fantasy.

But I’m kicking this topic over to you. Are there any jobs that you day dream about on a regular basis? Sound off in the comments.

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