Zack Bunker Highly Recommends Barf [Tall Glass of Shame] Jun09

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Zack Bunker Highly Recommends Barf [Tall Glass of Shame]

I reach for the remote to mute commercials these days. It seems like advertisers have gotten smart to how numb our ears have become and they’ve started to crank up the volume on television ads a little more in the last few years. I think since my brain gets fuzzy at the thought of how American companies approach their ads, it would take a lot to shake me up and make me pay attention. Very rarely these days do I think to myself, “Damn, that was a great commercial!” Where are the game changing mega campaigns like the series of ads in the 90s that breathed life back into a nearly dead corpse of a company called GAP?

Sure, there is the odd Super Bowl ad that makes me laugh while the company’s ad team laughs its way to the bank but where are the creative souls willing to take it just a little bit further? Who out there in advertising is willing to break the mold and reinvent how we view the world, and maybe even the product they are trying to shove down our throats? My theory, the rest of the world has beat us to the punch. They are making commercials that will make you laugh, cry, and feel sick all in one sitting. They are pumping out ads so bizarre you may not even know what they are selling you till the very last moment, and that is the kind of crap that might get me to not only put my remote down, but possibly sing along.

In Japan, I hear they clap their hair back and forth…

The Japanese seem to have cornered the market on how to both confuse and amuse me. Here is a Japanese StarSuite commercial… It’s tough work giving birth to a horse!

This German commercial speaks for itself with amazing cinematography and a hilarious ending!

And now a Russian commercial for “Barf Dishwashing Soap” (The product is made in Iran — surprisingly barf means snow in Farsi.)

Ever wanted to see a Thai Motor Oil commercial… Throw in some “Lady Boys” guys cause homophobia is way more humorous in a different language!

Let’s try a Kackel Dackel commercial… thank you Germany!

And last but not least this week is a bug spray commercial for “Timor” from the Ivory Coast. Apparently if you spray the stuff inside you become a suave man of the 70s… or at least hallucinate while slapping yourself.