Zack Bunker Is Still Haunted by that One Episode of the JERSEY SHORE [Tall Glass of Shame] May12

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Zack Bunker Is Still Haunted by that One Episode of the JERSEY SHORE [Tall Glass of Shame]

Have you ever watched The Jersey Shore? C’mon don’t lie, you can admit it… there was that one time you were home alone, the shades were drawn and there was nothing on TV. You were bored and figured you may as well see what everybody at work is talking about. You figured that with a quick episode you might be able to see what that orange Oompa Loompa named Snooki is all about. Admit it, you watched… and you didn’t look away. You were transfixed by the horror as if witnessing a train wreck. You officially watched The Jersey Shore.

Now i’m not here to judge… I, too, watched an episode of The Jersey Shore. We will get through this together one day at a time. There are 12 step programs for us. Someday eventually you won’t be haunted by the visions of drunken slut time in the jacuzzi and fist fights on the beach. The image of Snooki eating a pickle will someday be replaced by something else, perhaps a fun kitten video…

At least we can take comfort that this American embarrassment is stuck within the confines of our shores and nobody else in the worlds has to know about it. Oh wait, they do know about it? I just heard the Japanese refer to the show as “Macaroni Rascals.” Fitting, but who knew?! Also, the new season is being filmed in Europe showing their travels to Italy… oh lord, there goes the neighborhood!

Well I guess the whole world must be looking at this as how Americans live, if only they had a show like this of their own… Oh wait, now they do! MTV UK has just released their new season of “Geordie Shore” set in Newcastle with the same basic cast of skanks and overly tan posing boys speaking with thick accents, showing just how trashy the lowest of the low can be. From the look of it, these kids may even outdo the cast of The Jersey Shore at their own game. Oy vey!

Here’s a taste of “Geordie Shore”: The UK’s very own version of The Jersey Shore

I think there is something to this new context for the show. I can’t wait to see how these kids compare to their white trash American Counterparts! I imagine it being basically the same but instead of barfing up a hotdog, they are throwing up their morning crumpet. The brits always add an air of class to a situation, even if it is while showing off your boobs to millions!

Sticking with the Brits, I just found this hilarious series of videos taking transcripts of the Jersey Shore and dropping it smack dab into the middle of the world of Oscar Wilde… Thank you!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you Jersey Shore in the style of Oscar Wilde Part 1

And here is Part 3! See all the others on youtube, they are hilarious…

I know, some of you may be angered I chose to even bring up The Jersey Shore. “Don’t give them power by even mentioning them, maybe they will just go away!” some may say. For those of you that are still reeling from the horror you have witnessed at the hands of J’woww and The Situation, I have included a little unicorn chaser for you, everything is gonna be okay…