10 Gut-Busting Infomercials [Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Apr15

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10 Gut-Busting Infomercials [Kicking Back with Jersey Joe]

You see these commercials running all day and all night long.  They make great filler and are a cheap source of revenue for TV stations.  The geniuses behind these products are constantly working on the next big thing that will make our lives easier.  I’ve found no less than ten gut busting infomercials, that are totally real.  So, sit back and get ready… because operators are standing by!

Don’t you hate when your boobs rub against the seat belt?  How about that shoulder strap digging in?  They can both be quite a pain, especially on a long trip.  Well, have no fear – this little bear is the answer!

I think the woman at 27 seconds in should get an Emmy for her acting!  This thing looks like it came out of an episode of Saturday Night Live.

Next up – finding it difficult to get a chance to practice your putting?  Did you lose that big golf game because you couldn’t sink that last bogie?  Well, you better take every last second and practice… don’t let going to the bathroom stop you!

Yes, turn your bathroom into a mini-golf course!  I hope my friends are reading this…  (hint, hint)  The best line of the whole commercial is at 41 seconds.  Remember doctor’s say, rushing can be unhealthy…  I’m sure this will go over well when your other family members need you to get out of there!

And now that you’ve taken the golf course to the bathroom, how about bringing the bathroom to the golf course?

This was shown not too long ago on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  I think the audience is still laughing.

I honestly saw this ad airing on a Long Island station just before Easter.  Finally, a cure for the gassy husband!

You owe it to your marriage to pick this one up.  Won’t the spouse love getting that for an anniversary gift?

And if the blanket doesn’t work… try a spray!

They need to make this in an air freshener design that goes off after some of my co-workers leave the rest room.  I’m going to go patent that idea right now…

Next, put on this mask and make your face fresher, more vibrant… and scare the kids!

In my research online… a picture of actress Linda Evans is on the box endorsing the mask – no joke!  It is from the 80’s though; the only place you’ll find it now is ata garage sale.

You don’t need to exercise; this product from Canada will vibrate the fat off!

It will also save on trips to the massage parlor!

But, if you really want to get rid of those flabby arms… shake this!

Lose weight and build muscle without doing any work… now I should be able to beat up Arnold Schwarzenegger!

This next spot for a home security system has been airing in New York and on cable channels since last summer.  I love how unsympathetic this woman is in the second part…

So once she realizes it’s not her house that was robbed but the neighbors, she gets all kind of attitude and up in your face.  She doesn’t care… she told them… and now I’m goin’ to bed!

Lastly, I think this one is actually a good product.  Sure the security system works and we can all shake to work out and that mask to make us young… but this, actually makes me look forward to retirement.

This thing airs all day long during daytime television.  But for the love of God, I hope I never come across a fleet of these coming at me down a New York street!

So, there we are… 10 infomercials that I thought were pretty funny.  Now, I am in no way endorsing any of these products. In fact I’ve never purchased any of them.  This was simply “for amusement only.”  But, if you’ve ever tried one of these or know someone who has, I’d love hear about it!

THE 411

What: Infomercials

Where: commercials airing on television anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes

JERSEY JOE RECOMMENDS: Before you ever buy any product advertised in an infomercial, especially some of the crazier “miracle” cures, I always suggest taking a few minutes and doing some research.  Google the company online and check out the product reviews.  Also, watch that fine print in commercials… it might say free or no cost, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a shipping or handling fee.  Check into these things before you buy!