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2 Reasons To Gush (Pun Intended)

Guy Nerds Skip This Post and Wait For the Next One…

So now that they’re gone… I wanted to let you know that Bust Magazine did a spread on menstrual accessories this month, and there were two particularly clever items:

First up,, a website that keeps track of when you’re going to get your next period, and then sends you an email alert when Aunt Flo is about come to town. Now I’m that chyck that tends to forget that she’s even capable of bleeding profusely for 4 – 5 days until there’s a certain rumbling in her pelvic region and she’s stuck some (extremely male-oriented) place without a tampon in sight. So in my opinion, this site is just brilliant.

The other must-have menstrual accessory are these tampon carrying cases, which are so gorgeous, they  make me want to have my period right now — not really, but you know how I love hyperbole. And they really such a better look than my old standby of hiding my tampon in my sleeve or bra, so as not to have to take my entire purse to the bathroom with me. Definitely hit up Classic Hardware to take a looksee, b/c I struggled to choose just three to display on the blog. They’re all so darling.