A Customer Letter to Think Geek [The Life and Times of Evil E] Mar22

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A Customer Letter to Think Geek [The Life and Times of Evil E]

Dear Nerds at Think Geek:

I do believe I first learned of your wonderful website right here on Fierce and Nerdy.  My brother is an astrophysicist and my sister-in-law is a neuroscientist and they are never, ever easy to shop for and almost impossible to impress. And then I found you!! Each birthday and every Christmas I can go right to Think Geek and find a gift that is entertaining, or useful, and always amusing.  Thank you!

My nephew’s birthday was coming up and when I asked my brother what his son would like he responded: a chess set. I adore my nephew, but I am already fearful his growing nerdiness is going to result in his butt getting kicked all throughout Junior High without adding ‘future chess team member’ to the equation.  I also do not want to be the lame Aunt who purchases the chess set  when everyone else is probably getting him Lego Death Stars and robots. My attempts to find a ‘badass’ chess set were failing as each Google search for Charles Bronson Chess Set yielded no results.  And then it was almost like we were in synchronicity as what popped into my inbox …. an email from Think Geek announcing the Khet 2.0 Laser Game!! “An awesome game that combines chess and lasers (with a sprinkling of Ancient Egyptian flavors) into one fantastic package!” I looked at customer action shots and saw enchanted children, a dog and even a grandmother all happily playing this laser chess game. My fingers could not click “Buy Now” quick enough as I felt triumphant in fulfilling my brother’s suggestion, while finding a gift for my nephew that had to be pretty badass and impressive. I mean after all it had LASERS!!!

My nephew’s birthday came and went, we tried to call so he could tell me and my husband how we were THE most awesome Aunt and Uncle ever!! But somehow we kept missing each other. And then a thank you note came in the mail:

Now I’m not going to demand the head of Timmy the monkey on a platter. I forgive you Think Geek. After all you did bring to the world the Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter along with many other brilliant products.  Just maybe you all could work on developing a Charles Bronson Chess Set, or at least something pretty badass.

Well, that’s about all I have to say.


Aunt Else