32 CANDLES: Airlifts and Portland Jun09

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32 CANDLES: Airlifts and Portland

Before we go, I just wanted to congratulate last week’s tote bag winner, evi. It was another round of fantastic comments, but I had to choose evi, b/c hers involved a dramatic birth complete with airlift and one of the cities I’ve always wanted to give a go, Portland. Check her comment out after the jump:

we were living in rural northern arizona when my daughter was born with a condition which required immediate surgery. four hours after giving birth – after a 36 hour labor! – my baby and i were air-lifted to phoenix. her first year involved two more air-lifts and five local hospital stays. for each stay in phoenix, my poor husband had to close up the house, put the pets in a kennel, and drive across the desert for three hours to meet up with us. basically, it was a total nightmare. after the 2nd surgery, i told my husband i didn’t want to live in that po-dunk town ANY more. 

my husband works for the government, so i assumed that the process of moving offices would be long and cumbersome, but the people at the cascades volcano observatory in vancouver, wa, knew him and wanted him in their office. they mentioned a possible position for him in november, and we came to portland oregon in january to find a house. 

we love it here, and my daughter has never been sick again.

Glad to hear that your daughter is thriving, evi!