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32 Candles: What Book Has Changed Your Life? [Tote Bag Comment Challenge]

If you happen to be in a bookstore, please ask if it carries or plans to carry 32 CANDLES. ¬†Even if you’ve pre-ordered or already have a copy, just asking about 32 is such a boon, because the more requests booksellers get, the more likely they are to stock it.

On other notes, there’s less than a week left until 32 CANDLES gets its official release. It makes me feel queasy just thinking about it, and the only reason I’m sleeping at night is because I’ve taken Amy Robinson’s (“Tall Drink of Nerd”) advice and started meditating. Also the whole 11-month-baby thing is a huge distraction, so thank the Lord for that, b/c I would completely freaking if I didn’t have mommy duties to keep my racing brain engaged. Read the rest of this article and find out what our last Tote Book Comment Challenge questions is at! ~Photo Credit: MorBCN