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5 NES Games I’m Searching For [Gamer On]

I frequently write and shoot video extolling the virtues of modern games, but seldom do I dive into anything retro. Well, recently I got to hang out with Muzz from NerdKO and was floored by his collection of games. Such a thing cannot be UNSEEN and amidst this treasure trove of classics I once held dear, I realized there were some pretty gaping (and damning) holes in my personal NES collection. So, here are 5 games I’m searching for and a little background on why that is.

1. Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers

Not only did I adore this show growing up in the early 90s, but I fell in love with the video game as well. Even at my young age of only 7 or 8 I could tell that the game was solid compared to other platformers I’d played and I spent a good chunk of my summer playing through the entire thing with my Mom. As Chip (uh, and Dale) you’d run around throwing items at enemies and truthfully it had some of the best graphics around at the time.


Not Prime or Corruption or Other M but the plain old, regular Metroid. Which, if you’ll remember was a milestone for gaming really as you’d discover the hoer, Samus was a woman at the end. It was a pretty big Shymalanian reveal and Nintendo quickly garnered praise for creating a game with deceptively rewarding play and bonus points for shocking all of us after her adventure on planete Zebes. Personally I remember looking at my grandparents’ hand-drawn maps when they were busy beating this title when I was a child and can’t for the life of me remember what I did with my original copy. So, here I am, 20 years later trying to scour eBay for an original (not 1992 re-release yellow label) copy.

3. Bubble Bobble

Developed by Taito as an arcade game originally, its popularity skyrocketed quickly and it was ported to just about every system available at the time. Its simple gameplay was made more addictive on account of its 100 punishing levels and no doubt SADISTICALLY addictive music.

It’s maddeningly cute and kept me eagerly pounding away at an NES pad for hours and hours on end after my Dad rented it for me at a combination tanning salon and movie/game rental store (weird I know) called Video+ not too far from my childhood home.

4. Mega Man

When Capcom made Mega Man 9 and 10 in recent years I was positively giddy over the old school throwback. They so elegantly re-created the 80s and 90s Mega Mans right down to emulating the sprite flicker that would occur when too many enemies were onscreen. That’s why it pains me not to have the original any more. It was the first time I remember playing a game and thinking to myself, “Holy sh*t this is hard!” The original Mario Bros. was no cake walk, but Mega Man made no apologies for its punishing difficulty and quickly joined the ranks of old-school bullies like Castlevania and Contra.

5. Wally Bear and the No Gang

This game was a platformer featuring a skateboarding bear with an aversion to drugs, Wally. The ‘Just say No’ campaign was a topical thing at the time and this wasn’t even an officially licensed Nintendo product but rather was a joint effort between the developer, American Game Cartridges and the American Medical Association. It was decent enough but a far cry from the quality you’d expect. Today I only want it because I’m convinced my parents thought I was going to devolve into a skateboard-riding extreme bear drug dealer and I always had a fondness for this 1992 oddity.

What games are missing from your collection?

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