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Actor Guy Pearce To Change Name To “That Guy From Memento” [Daily News Brief]

New York, NY – Monday
By Joshua Mauldin

As a courtesy to Americans, actor Guy Pearce’s publicist announced this morning that he will be officially changing his US name to That Guy From Memento.

“Guy appreciates that pulling up IMDB on your phone to remember his name before approaching him takes too much time. From now on when you stop him on the street and say, ‘Oh crap, you’re…you know…that guy from Memento,’ he can politely nod without having to awkwardly help you.”

Pearce decided to make the change too late for the release of Iron Man 3 but will be credited as such in the upcoming film The Rover, a dystopian western co-starring Edward Cullen and co-written by That Guy From Warrior, No Not Bane, The Other Brother.

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