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All Work and No Play [Dating Ell-A]

I spent the week in a ski town, trying out a crappy, stressful job. The only benefit was the possibility of meeting some good-looking ski guys.  For the first few days, I worked non-stop… 6:30 in the morning until 10 at night. No sightseeing or fun for me. Then on Wednesday night I got out at 9! I could go out!

I took the car and checked out the local hotel. It was blue grass night. Tired, I was slightly overwhelmed with the huge group of very un-LA people.  Still tired, I stopped for a moment and sat in the lobby. It was Mardi Gras in New Orleans, so the bar was giving away beads. One guy walked up to me and handed me his beads as he was leaving. Then he just left and said goodnight. Then another guy (guy #1) came out of the bar and asked if I would join him and his friends for a drink. So I did. He was there with 9 other guys and I was the only girl. Loved it! All the guys gave me their beads, so I was bedazzled! Then I danced to country music and had a great time! Then we headed over after hours to another local bar. Here I danced and another guy started to dance with me. He kept trying to dance up against me. He told me he was from Boston. Luckily guy #1 came up and said he was leaving. It gave me a excuse to extract myself gracefully. He asked if we could meet out another night and I said yes.

Then I danced again and another guy (guy#2) came up. He was tall and blonde and really knew how to dance. He was form San Fran. He also asked if we could meet up later.

That night I was excited and hoped the rest of the week would be great!

However my enthusiasm was crushed the next day because I worked until 10 again. I got to the apartment and sat on the couch and texted my new guy friends. Then I fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 5:30… just in time to get ready to work again. I had a voice mail from one and multiple texts from the other. Oh man. I’m sure I missed a really good time. Work so sucks.

It was guy #1’s last night in town, so we became facebook friends and said our goodbyes… hoping to meet up again another time. Guy #2 still had two nights left in town! The next night I worked late again…Work associates invited me to dinner and, out of obligation, I was compelled to accept. I’m sure they thought they were being nice to me, but instead they were just making my workday longer….

Cute guy #2 from San Fran texted to say that he went to bed early because he had an early and full day of skiing planned the next day.  Finally it was my last night in the ski town. It would be the last night I could possibly see guy #2.  I was on eggs shells all day at my crappy job. As soon as I was ready to walk out the door to leave, they wanted to talk about how well things had been working out and how much they wanted to hire me.  Again, they invited me to dinner… Ugh!!!

The pattern from previous nights had been repeated.  We both left town the next morning, never having a chance to hook up.  It was a frustrating and disappointing week… both on professional and personal front. As they say, all yucky work and no play make for a sad girl.

featured image credit: timo_w2s