April 26-28, 2013 [Procrastinate on This!]

Well, your first nominee for the worst day of the  year has to happen sometime, and that time was this past Tuesday for me. It started out with me getting into a costly early morning, insurance-raising car accident with an egg truck (yes, seriously, I managed to get hit by a truck carrying eggs), and ended with my MIL getting taken to the hospital for what turned out to be congestive heart failure. Everyone’s safe and back at home now, but man, what a sucky week. So since we can’t share a drink, let’s share some procrastination balm.

1. The screen grabs of what happened after a popular comedian sent out this tweet are purty funny (especially if you’re not the parent of a texting teenager) and definitely worth a click-through. [Gawker, “Comedian Gets Kids to Play Evil ‘Drug Deal Prank’ on Their Parents”]

k-bigpic (1)

2.  If you suffer from chronic existential angst like I do, this article might be helpful during your next flare-up, or at least remind you you’re not alone. [Jezebel, “How to Manage Your Existential Dread in Light of, Oh, Everything”]

Click on the pic to buy this clever, clever sweatshirt for $42

Click on the pic to buy this clever, clever sweatshirt for $42

3. Now that we’re a six person household, I anticipate eventually having to invest in the new Netflix family plan, which allows you to stream to four devices instead of the usual two for four more dollars a month. [Wired, “Netflix to Charge $12 to Make Sharing Your Password a Better Experience”]

4. Oh noes! Feminist Ryan Gosling has called it quits! [Hey Girl. Game Over.]

5. So the Victorian era had this intensely disturbing practice of take post-mortem family pics, sometimes with the dead family member propped up with their eyes open. And when I say intensely disturbing, I mean seriously, don’t click through unless you’re ready to be fully creeped out — especially if you’re a parent (remember, infant mortality was much higher back then). [io9, “The Strangest Tradition of the Victorian Era: Post-Mortem Photography]

6. Even more horrific: Google Reader will be shutting down this summer. Here are some alternative feed sites for organizing your internet reading. [LifeHacker]

7. Remember when your uncle told you “ain’t” was to a word because it was in the dictionary? Well, now his son is going to be able to do the same thing when he says, “I was literally laughing my ass off” and you say, “You can’t literally laugh your ass off, because that would mean your ass was either reduced or fell off your body in its entirety because you were laughing so hard.” Your cousin will literally then be able to open a recent dictionary and show you that “literally” is now in there as an emphasis word. Burn! [GalleyCat, “Informal ‘Literally’ Definition Creeps Into Dictionaries”]