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Ask Dr. Miro: Are You My Orgasm? [What You Didn’t Learn In Health Class]

Dear Dr. Miro,

How do I know if I’ve had an orgasm?

Juana Gnogh

Dear JG,

Ah, wondering whether you have experienced La Petit Mort, or the Little Death, as the French call it, eh? To those who have had the privilege of coming, either once, or on a regular basis, it sounds a bit like a joke.

Q: How do you know if you’ve had an orgasm?

A: Your upstairs neighbor gives you a high five the next morning.

Q: How do you know if you’ve had an orgasm?

A: The reception on your TV is suddenly wonky, and your cat won’t make eye contact anymore.

All joking aside, orgasms are a very important part of all our sexualities and something that I hope everyone will be able to experience throughout their life. The problem with answering you is that, if you have had one, you would probably know.  There really is no other sensation like it, and it comes with an explosion and a sense of completion, even if you go for seconds, thirds or fourths. Some people will liken it to feeling a sneeze coming on but way more intense. Everybody’s experience is different and it’s like trying to describe the color blue. When you are in that massively juicy aroused state, you will start to feel increasing pressure, get short of breath, start to tense, your pulse will be out of control and sometimes, you may feel like you are about to fall off a cliff (but in a good way). And then, as your toes curl and you think you cannot take anymore, time stands still as you feel a bursting, throbbing, release: a sense of ahhh…  You are washed over with a whelming sense of resolution, transcendence, even, and there you are. You’ve had an orgasm.

Many women will stop themselves before reaching orgasm because it can be a little intimidating. I mean, seriously, you will lose control for a few moments and there are many folks who are terrified of that prospect. Noises, body movements and facial expressions will not necessarily be things that you are accustomed to. I recommend getting to know your body slowly and lovingly. Figure out what turns YOU on and what can put you over that orgasmic edge, while you are alone, so you will not be as nervous in front of others. Enjoy your sexplorations without the pressure of climaxing and one day, it will surprise you!

Lust & Happiness,
Dr. Miro

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