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Average Home Size Around the World OR Even More Reasons Not to Live in the UK [One More Thing Before We Go]

Apartment Therapy was nice enough to make up a chart comparing the average size of a US home to the average size of a home in a few European countries. I think we’re supposed to be amazed and/or feel bad that our average home size (2300 sq ft) is so much larger than the UK’s (818 sq ft). However my initial thought was, “Damn, how’s you living, UK??? 800 on sq ft on the average??? That’s just insanely small. Ya’ll should have immigrated when you had the chance, yo! You’d be living WAY larger now. Oh, and good job, Aussie-Oz. I didn’t know you had it in you to hang with the big real estate girls and boys.” Anywho, check out the chartage below.

US: 2,300sf
Australia: 2,217sf
Denmark: 1,475sf
France: 1,216sf
Spain: 1,044sf
Ireland: 947sf
UK: 818sf