Before BOOK WEEK II, We Like to Procrastinate on This!

Super quick because 1) I’m on deadline, or as I’ve been calling it while turning down invites, writer prison, and 2) Book Week II starts next Monday, and you know how chatty I get during Book Week — aka my favorite two times of the year here at Fierce and Nerdy.

We're featuring a ton of book-to-movie trailers next week. Meanwhile, click on the pic for "11 Things You Probably Didn't Know About James Bond," which I guarantee will be way more interesting than the commercial disguised as a movie, SKYFALL, which is out this weekend.

1. I would like to nominate this Sears ad as the best fake trailer for a movie about two bloggers falling in love of the holiday season — so far. Oh, and speaking of the holidays, T.E. is once again doing several weeks of Nerd Holiday Gifts as soon as we get back from Thanksgiving break, so definitely stop by for ideas to cross off your geeky shopping lists. Have I mentioned that I’m REALLY looking forward to not being on deadline? [GalleyCat]

2. Don’t forget, Battlestar Galactica: BLOOD AND CHROME, the prequel webseries, featuring the adventures of a young William Adama starts tonight! [The Mary Sue]

3. Not worn out on politics yet? Check out this fascinating list of “Science Fiction’s Presidents of the 21st Century,” which includes Chelsea Clinton, Malia Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Lex Luthor among others. [i09]

4. As someone who used to cross-stitch a ton in high school — don’t ask — I snickered a lot at this DIY pattern for a “naughty cross-stitch.” [Jezebel]

5. Speaking of being a nerd from a start. I’m not thrilled about the LES MISERABLES casting for the movie version, but the musical theatre nerd I was raised to be (thanks, Dad) can’t figure how to not see this in the theater.