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Blackberry Bold vs. the I-Phone 3G

So, I’ve been planning to get a Blackberry Bold for awhile now, but it’s been hard road to stay in love with this particular gadget.

First it was supposed to come out in July, then it got pushed back to September. Then it was supposed to come out on October 1st. Well, it’s October 1st and … nothing. Now there are some rumblings that it’ll come out in late October. Maybe on Halloween.

Meanwhile my old cell phone can barely hold a charge for more than 3 hours, and every time I flip it open, it croaks, “Euthanasia!”

So lately my thoughts have turned to the I-Phone 3G, which has several Pros and Cons for me.

PROS: 1) It’s actually in stores. 2) It can replace my iPod nano (which is even older than my phone) 3) I love Apple, and would take the company on as a second husband if the law and CH would allow it. 4) People keep on raving about it’s apps, and 5) If I’m out at lunch and I’m eating a great meal. I can take a pic and blog about it instantly.

CONS: 1) EVERYBODY and their dog already has an iPhone. It’s not exactly an original look. 2) Not a fan of touch pad. I type a lot on my blackberry, and I like my keypad to stay constant and in the same place. 3) I love Apple, but I already have a Mac, an iPod, Apple TV, and a serious lust on for the MacBook Air. After a certain point, it starts looking like you’ve drunk the Kool-Aid 4) The screen’s going to get all dirty and finger-printy! 5) If I’m out at lunch and I’m eating a great meal. I can take a pic and blog about it instantly — that might be too much togetherness.

So basically, I’m going to need for you to help me make this decision. Please cast your vote in the below poll.


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UPDATE: Ugh. This only makes the decision harder!